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National Court Research is located in Stockton, California and we serve Statewide California and Nationwide. We were founded with one goal in mind - to bring the power of professional tools to the general public at affordable prices. After years of watching hardworking people spend thousands of dollars on private investigators and other specialists, we felt there had to be a better way. We put the power of the professional tools in your hands, and we strive to maintain a low overhead to keep our prices as low as possible.

Our mission is to give our clients the tools, experience, and the service backbone needed to customize the ideal legal research, data collection, and service of process environment.

Process Service:

Licensed and bonded process servers who promptly serve and file your legal documents throughout California and the nation.

On every case we necessarily provide due diligence. Our servers utilize the ServeManager platform which enable us to send each attempt field notes directly to you with embedded GPS to help you prove up all attempts we make on your behalf.

We make 4 attempts before we effectuate a substitute service. On the 4th attempt we will substitute serve the case. We gather identifying information on the subject we are serving. If you have more than one subject to be served, we charge the full fee for the first subject and will provide a discount on each additional subject to be served at the same address.

Document Reproduction:

High speed and low cost copying with various formatting and finishing options.

If you require document reproduction, please send us the subpoena duces tacum with specific instructions on what you need. We will scan and print your documents or email them to you. Please also forward via wire or pay via e-invoice the advance fees required per the facility which requires payment of the job. If we have to go to the facility and then make an appointment, we will charge the apt. fee and, once on the job, we charge $30.00 per half hour with a minimum of two hours per each job. All fees must be paid in advance and we prorate every job.

Legal Abstracting/Court Research:

Collecting public records and legal documents detailing property value and history. Great for new homeowners! Speedy retrieval and delivery of local, state, and federal court documents. See the sidebar for a comprehensive list.

For legal abstracting/court researching, we require full instructions on each case to be pulled, abstracted or copied, and all fees must be advanced prior to sending out our legal techs. Note we charge $30.00 per half hour for these two services.

Skip Tracing:

Research evasive defendants throughout the state and across state lines for the purpose of serving process.

For needed skip tracing, please provide us with the person’s full name, date of birth, last known domicile, a comprehensive physical description, and why you need the subject skipped. Fees begin at $75.00 for initial reports and skip work.

Unlawful Detainer:

Assistance with filing and serving unlawful detainer complaints quickly and effectively.

If you are a landlord and in need of a consult, we can meet with you, either in person or via web conference, depending on your location. We only do California evictions. Contact us with initial information and we will begin the intake process.

Courier Service:

Secure delivery of legal documents or other important paperwork throughout Stockton and the surrounding areas.

National Court Research is licensed and bonded to provide legal courier service. Contact us with details and we will begin the intake process. If you need armed courier service we can refer you to an associate company; we do not provide armed courier service.

Stake Outs:

For stake outs, we charge $70.00 per hour with a minimum of three hours, plus the cost of the service of process. We require information on the subject you want served, as well as the demeanor of him/her. Additionally, we will ask whether the subject has a criminal record, what type of criminal record, if the person has a propensity for violence, and what he/she looks like. Stake out fees for subjects with a propensity for violence or a prior criminal history which we deem violent require a two-man team, doubling the fee.

We cover all 50 states. Fees depend on state/county and the rural nature of the area. Let us know where the subject lives/location you want served, and we will provide a quote. We make 4 attempts; on the 4th attempt we substitute serve the subject location. If we have to substitute serve, we always will provide the diligence with GPS embedded in every attempt report sent to you, which helps you prove up your case if needed.

Please contact us to confirm current prices. Miscellaneous charges may be incurred.


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Document Retrieval Options

  • Real estate
  • Major stock ownership
  • Social Media
  • Mortgages
  • Present and previous addresses
  • Lawsuits
  • Arrest Records
  • Prison or Jail Records
  • Judgments
  • Tax liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Vehicle ownership and driving history
  • Criminal history
  • Business affiliations and corporate status
  • Watercraft or aircraft ownership

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